Responding in Kind

What if your worst nightmare came true? The protagonists in this collection of films confront bullies, deal with a crisis, and learn to accept change.

Themes: self-empowerment, bullying, moral choices, empathy, sibling relationships and friendship.

Location: Roundhouse Community Centre

Julien Ezri

A long time ago, terror, loathing and power reigned over the Wild Wild North. The foolishness of the inhabitants led them to battle for anything, even… for a fistful of snow!

Jaye Davidson

South Florida, 1962. While the Cuban Missile Crisis threatens to incinerate North America, divorce looms over the Shaw family. Thirteen-year-old Miles must protect his little brother Danny from the fallout. He has it all figured out. However, there are always casualties in war—even the cold ones.

Lucas Martell

Walter is a rookie secret agent faced with a problem seldom covered in basic training: what to do when a curious pigeon gets trapped inside your multi-million dollar, government-issued nuclear briefcase.

Pat Herford

Two young men with a fishing spear go head-to-head with the local toughs on a remote coast where friendship is hard to find and it's hard to catch a break unless you're one step ahead.

Joseph Pera

Noah is a young boy whose dreams inexplicably turn into reality. Dylan is his increasingly estranged teenage brother who anxiously awaits moving out of their shared bedroom. However, moving out is a bit tougher than it seems when Noah's greatest nightmares begin to come to life.