Giving & Receiving

The obligation and anticipation of gift exchange is explored in these six films.

Themes: family relationships, generosity, cultural traditions, poverty, resourcefulness and irony.

Location: Roundhouse Community Centre

Jody Kramer

A little girl is encouraged by her mom to sit on Santa's knee at her hockey club's Christmas Party, and to get a present from him.

Melchor Vendiola

With a rope, a skateboard, and a quarter, a young Lummi boy visits his grandmother, and hopes to offer her a special gift and spend an unforgettable evening together.

Steve Kopera

Gerald, a socially-awkward young man whose best friend, Peter, a monkey puppet, teaches him how to interact with strangers.

Gloria U.Y. Kim

In this heartwarming film set in 1970s, eight-year-old Meehee Park, the daughter of immigrants from Korea, hopes that getting a Cindy doll for Christmas will help her fit in.

Toshikazu Ishii

This heartwarming story about Jim, an apprentice magician, and his wife Della, is set on Christmas Day.

Liz Skaggs

This traditionally animated film explores the subject of why we create art, and suggests that, in the absence of love and a greater, more selfless purpose, that all works of art are empty.