Family Matters

Fathers are the focus of these five films about memory and the imagination.

Themes: documentary, historical reenactment, family relationships, cultural traditions and heroes.

Location: Roundhouse Community Centre

Bernard Attal

Nina, a young girl whose parents recently divorced, reconciles the uncertainties of life during bicycle rides with her father. Each day they observe the lives of neighbors and share their thoughts about love, death, separation, and the joy and challenges sudden changes bring to one's existence.

Zeynep Nihan Yami, Tugba Bozkurt, Ikem Ulutas, & Yusa Yildiz

In the Turkish village of Konya, two children (one Turkish, one Kurdish) play together all day long. With their cultural differences, can they also get along?

Jocelyn Forgues

While Julie dreams of leaving her small Ontario town to become a great filmmaker, she crosses paths with Mr. Claude Provost, owner of the general store and WWII Veteran.

Nikila Cole

Set in the garment district of 1940′s Montreal, this story takes a heartfelt look at a family who has escaped the Nazis in Paris and arrived penniless in Canada. As Noah struggles to provide for his family in this bewildering new world, 10 yr. old Jacov has the shock of his life when he discovers his father is not the super hero he thought him to be. Based on a short story by Jack Engelhard. In English, French, Yiddish with English subtitles.

Raimondo Della Calce

Six-year-old Gioannin lives in Genoa, Italy in 1900. When his seafaring father returns, he isn't the heroic figure the boy had always imagined - he is someone even better.