Six-year-old Gioannin lives in Genoa, Italy in 1900. When his seafaring father returns, he isn't the heroic figure the boy had always imagined - he is someone even better.

This is a charming film about a boy, a girl and a lot of snow.

Noah is a young boy whose dreams inexplicably turn into reality. Dylan is his increasingly estranged teenage brother who anxiously awaits moving out of their shared bedroom. However, moving out is a bit tougher than it seems when Noah's greatest nightmares begin to come to life.

Ms Hedley and Mr Frump teach you how to get REALLY REALLY BIG numbers with multiplication!

Spaceships soar into space. Dots dance on a page. Rocks and twigs transform into expressive faces. Kids can easily create this kind of magic themselves, and all they require are a few simple tools. Explaining visually with colourful images, siblings Lindsay and Will demonstrate how to bring everyday objects to life — and even how to animate people! Animate Everything encourages you to “make your own magic in whatever style you want.”

This is the story of a young Mi’gmaq girl whose name means “the light from the dawn.” Sadly, her mother dies while giving birth and, though her father works very hard to provide for his family, Waseteg is surrounded by the bitterness and loneliness felt by her sisters. As a young girl, Waseteg looks for solace in nature, and dreams of the stories she’s heard in the village – including one about Walqwan, the mysterious boy living across the river.

Five children ponder creation, God, death and the meaning of life.

Ormie is a pig, in every sense of the word. Pig see cookie. Pig want cookie. But they are out of reach...or are they? See Ormie's attempts to gain the warm sweet taste that is his obsession.

It’s raining. A small village is in big trouble. The raindrops are actually a young girl’s tears. And it’s up to the hunter to put things in order.

While Julie dreams of leaving her small Ontario town to become a great filmmaker, she crosses paths with Mr. Claude Provost, owner of the general store and WWII Veteran.


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