2011 film guide

Phyllis Grant

This is the story of a young Mi’gmaq girl whose name means “the light from the dawn.” Sadly, her mother dies while giving birth and, though her father works very hard to provide for his family, Waseteg is surrounded by the bitterness and loneliness felt by her sisters. As a young girl, Waseteg looks for solace in nature, and dreams of the stories she’s heard in the village – including one about Walqwan, the mysterious boy living across the river. Eventually, with the gentle care of the boy's grandmother, Waseteg succeeds in finding Walqwan, discovering the Spirit Path, and restoring love to her family.

A short story about dreams, courage, identity, creation and embracing our Elders, Waseteg showcases Phyllis Grant's signature style of bold lines, bright colours and simple movements. The film is beautifully narrated by legendary filmmaker Alanis Obomsawin.

Michael Swan
South Africa
White Lion

A Shangaan elder captivates his young listeners with an epic tale about a white lion named Letsatsi. A young Shangaan named Gisani saves Letsatsi from a hungry hyena, and discovers his destiny is to protect this rare creature at all costs.   Letsatsi matures, he learns to survive on his own, until he encounters the most dangerous predator: a human trophy hunter.  Shot on location near Johannesburg, South Africa, White Lion is awe-inspiring in its lush scenery and intimacy with wild animals.  This unique coming of age story is creatively told with an appreciation for the natural world. Recommended for ages 6+ An extra $1 charge on admission will go to Education Without Borders Education Without Borders.

Saturday, April 9, 2:00 PM - Vancity Theatre, 1181 Seymour St, Vancouver

Wednesday, April 13, 10:00 AM - Vancity Theatre, 1181 Seymour St, Vancouver

Jo Meuris

Without Wings rejoices in the amazing ways the human body is able to defy gravity and achieve flight (if only for a moment) without wings.


Let British Columbia’s top student filmmakers inspire you to pursue your artistic ambition. Young Filmmakers Showcase is a unique presentation of the best new works created by young filmmakers across British Columbia. This series of entertaining and well-crafted short films will be followed by an award presentation and jury notes. An audience award will also be determined by secret ballot! Join us for an evening of inspiration, and cast your vote.