2011 film guide

Mark Cousins
Canada, UK, Iraq

Filmmaker Mark Cousins travelled to Goptapa, a small village in Iraqi Kurdistan, where he erected a screen in the village square to show classic family films to the locals. He provides the children with cameras to make movies.  Eight-year-old Mohamad crafts a remarkably moving piece about a boy giving his wishes to the water. Cousins has crafted an intriguing and inspiring documentary exploring the dreams and aspirations of children who have lived through and experienced war, losing half of their town’s inhabitants. Rated PG – course language. Multiple languages w/English subtitles.

Winner of the Prix Italia award

Official selection at the 2011 SXSW Film Festival

The First Movie Website

OPENING NIGHT GALA FILM: Saturday, April 9, 7:00 pm, Vancity Theatre
Wednesday, April 13, 1:00 pm, Vancity Theatre

Pat Herford

Two young men with a fishing spear go head-to-head with the local toughs on a remote coast where friendship is hard to find and it's hard to catch a break unless you're one step ahead.

Toshikazu Ishii

This heartwarming story about Jim, an apprentice magician, and his wife Della, is set on Christmas Day. Della has her long, beautiful hair cut off and sold so she can buy Jim a chain for his pocket watch. Meanwhile, Jim sells his watch to buy Della a beautiful set of combs for her hair. This animated film is based on O Henry's classic short take of giving and receiving. In Japanese with English subtitles.

Jadwiga Kowalska

It’s raining. A small village is in big trouble. The raindrops are actually a young girl’s tears. And it’s up to the hunter to put things in order.

Karina Garcia Casanova

Five children ponder creation, God, death and the meaning of life.

Raimondo Della Calce

Six-year-old Gioannin lives in Genoa, Italy in 1900. When his seafaring father returns, he isn't the heroic figure the boy had always imagined - he is someone even better.

Joseph Pera

Noah is a young boy whose dreams inexplicably turn into reality. Dylan is his increasingly estranged teenage brother who anxiously awaits moving out of their shared bedroom. However, moving out is a bit tougher than it seems when Noah's greatest nightmares begin to come to life.

Liz Skaggs

This traditionally animated film explores the subject of why we create art, and suggests that, in the absence of love and a greater, more selfless purpose, that all works of art are empty.

Laura Ratta
United Kingdom

This Egyptian myth vibrantly relates the story of Geb the Earth God and Nut the Goddess of the Sky.

Tracy Rector

Pacific Northwest Native American artist and activist Louie Gong uses Coast Salish art with pop culture icon Vans Shoes, to create custom skate shoes. While many are drawn to his shoes because they represent the meeting of multiple worlds, others simply appreciate their freshness and originality. Thursday, April 14, 9:45 AM VancityTheatre, 1181 Seymour Street, Vancouver